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1. Can I pay the dockage with a credit card?
Yes, we accept wire transfers, checks and credit cards.

2. Can I come directly to The Waterfront and clear customs and immigration?
Yes, for vessels over 130’ only. Vessels less than 130' should proceed to the Harbor Police Dock at the south end of Shelter Island. Note: Vessels over 300 gross tons must contact USCG National Vessel Movement Center 96 hours prior to entering SD Harbor.

3. Will you have line handlers ashore to assist with our arrival?
Yes, please call SDMC at least 6 hours before arrival.

4. Is there a limit to how much time I can spend at the facility?
Our minimum stay is 7 days and maximum is 3 months. However, if there are no reservations pending at the end of 3 months you may extend your stay.

5. Is there an application to fill out and if so where do I get that from?
We have a contact information sheet we can email you which has all the particulars we need from you and the services we offer. We will also send a Wharfage contract for you to sign for the length of time at the facility.

6. We need to take on 35,000 gallons of fuel: can we do so by tanker truck at the facility?
Yes we can handle all your fuel bunkering, oil removal/delivery and waste removal needs on site.

7. Will we be required to drop one or two anchors?
Yes, one or two depending on th3e size of the vessel.

8. Do you have specification of the berthing setup and photos?
Yes, download attachment.

9. What is the depth of water along the bulkhead where we tie to?
There is no foul water up close to the dock. Please download the Soundings Chart of the Med Tie Anchoring Area for detailed information.




At the Waterfront - Enjoy the beautiful weather in San Diego all year long.
Enjoy the beautiful weather in San Diego all year long.   


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